Some brief history on

After having just a few pages on the internet, in 1999 I obtained the domain and really started the website. So we’re online for over 10 years already! Over the years more and more info was added and the forum became the most active E21 forum worldwide. Over 1 million visits every month for the past years and of course the forum takes up quite a part of that. And we had some wonderful website reviews over those years! Leading BMW magazine Total BMW writes: “Whilst there are many websites dedicated to BMW, there is really only one choice when it comes to the E21”. Thumbs up!

With the forum both in English and Dutch, E21 events taking place all over the world, lots of vids on Youtube, VIP membership possibility and much more, we really became an active worldwide community!

Enough website history for now, here’s some real E21 history, the official video introducing the E21 3-series back in 1975!

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