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Complete M20b25 swap

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Complete M20b25 swap

Post by si. »

Ive been out of the scene for a while due to saving and buying a house but I’m at the point now where i want to start planning all those upgrades i always wanted to do to my E21.
One of those is an engine swap, im not going to disclose what to but it means i will have my ever trusty modified m20b25 for sale as a complete swap.
It would include everything you need to drop it straight into an E21 engine, box loom all ancillaries, prop, radiator, subframe, ecu,
A quick engine spec
Its a crossover engine,
new head gasket,
New head studs,
Custom Newman Cams 300deg cam
Vernier pulley
Big bore throttle body
Modified 6 branch manifold
Full S/S Exhaust aswell
Custom sump baffle
All gaskets and belts were changed
A safe street tuned chip in the ecu
Has dyno’d at Sharknose meeting at 185hp
Lightened flywheel, Sachs clutch,
E30 gearbox only down fall as there’s no speedo drive
All new short shift using genuine BMW parts from an e46/z4 I think
Ive done about 6k reliable miles including 2500 miles around Europe in a week its a great spec engine
Theres loads more genuine new parts in this conversion aswell like prop doughnut, mounts, radiator etc, odd bits and pieces like that.
Anyway im wondering what its worth i know people hate these questions but im after a ball park starting figure like i said ive been out of touch with these things for a while
This is literally a drop in conversion for any e21 and all for sale as none of it will be of any use for my new engine plans.
Im UK based but id be happy to pallet it up and send it to mainland Europe
I currently can’t find any pictures of it but maybe someone might have one from a previous Sharknose event or something it is still currently in the car and in storage 100miles from my house but if I’m offered the right cash I can get it removed and sorted relatively quickly

So any ideas??


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Re: Complete M20b25 swap

Post by Jeffrey »

What price u looking for and your location please??

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Re: Complete M20b25 swap

Post by Scooter »

Hi there interested in engine where about are you based?

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