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1982 320iS

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1982 320iS

Post by Grasshopper »

I've always loved driving BMW's, my first one was a 1991 318is, and second was a 1997 318i. I was looking for parts for my E36 when I stumbled across this car by accident. I bought this car alittle over a year ago for $500, and at the time it could barely run, and didn't look at all like how it does now. I didn't know it was an iS edition till just barely, the previous owner stripped it of all the goodies before he sold it to me, so I lost the recardos, front spoiler, and worst of all the LSD :(

It has an '82 M10B18 engine. Currently at 233,000 miles, which is equivalent to 375,000 kilometers, and it still runs pretty strong with the original engine. I have another engine for it that I am rebuilding and turboing. I have alot of plans for this car, and it gets alot of attention. These cars are pretty rare to find driving on the streets here in Arizona, so everyone has to ask questions when they see it :)

The 316 headlights are new, I put them in yesterday. Very big improvement from the american ones when it comes to driving at night. Also changed out the side view mirrors to a single pre-79. Next I'm changing out the side marker lights to the euro ones, I dont like the big bulky look of these ones. Eventually I'll do some body work and re paint it factory orange.

This is the only rust on the car, eventually I'll fix it. I love Arizona, we never deal with rust here. I'm putting on a euro bumper, and also going to add a new rear valance too. I already have the sheet metal that I bought from W&N, just have to cut and weld. The rear spoiler is a factory BMW one that I added. It didn't come off an E21 though, I had to make it fit. Its a spongy one so it matches the flat black strip on my hood and the front air dam. I just wish I still had the iS front spoiler lol.

I found the seats and the door cards in a '79 that I found in a wrecking yard. Originally it had A/C, I still have all the parts, I just didn't like the look. Crazy I know, considering I live in a desert, but I've survived the first summer and it wasn't bad. I also have cruise control and the UNGO box. I cant figure out how to take it out so I left it for the vintage look. Also, my interior is dirty, I should really clean it up...

I had to redo the rear seat because it didn't have any cushion anymore. The original was tan color, I traded it out for one I found in the '79. It's really dirty when I took this pick.

140 mph speedometer, instead of the 85mph speedo.

The original engine, I polished up and painted the valve cover. Other then that I haven't done any mods, just made it run. I have another engine that I am working on, so I'm not going to put much work into this one.

And the first clue that it was an iS, the full size tool kit

My original plans for the car was to turn it into a track car, but that was before I looked at it. The guy on the phone said it was a real project, so I was expecting something worse. After I bought it and saw my progress my plans have changed, I'm going to restore the body and interior as close to original for a 1979 318. Then rebuild the engine and turbo, I'm shooting for 200-300hp, with new suspension and upgraded breaks.


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Re: 1982 320iS

Post by jimbob »

nice early e21
good work on the rocker cover 8)
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Re: 1982 320iS

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good good nice work
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Re: 1982 320iS

Post by Jeroen »

Porn valve cover mate!
Regards/groeten, Jeroen

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Re: 1982 320iS

Post by omanolo »

Nice work Grasshopper. Great meeting you at Bummerfest! :bmw

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