New website and forum sponsor:

Dutch: we hebben zojuist de banners op de reguliere website en op het forum aangepast aan onze nieuwe hoofdsponsor

Het bedrijf van BMW liefhebber -in hart en vooral nieren- Bart Kuus specialiseert zich in jong gebruikte en fraaie youngtimer Touring modellen en in het huidige assortiment vinden we voor elk wat wils, tot en met een indrukwekkend gezins-kanon van Alpina!

Nieuwsgierig? Je kunt nu iig al even rondklikken op
Het bedrijf zit in Ankeveen, idyllisch én centraal gelegen in de buurt van Bussum en Hilversum. Snel meer info!

English: we have just updated the banners on website and forum in honour of our new main sponsor

Located in the heart of The Netherlands the business of Bart Kuus offers a lovely variety of young and youngtimer Touring models and in the current range we find something nice vor everyone, up to an Alpina family rocket!

Curious? Why not have a look at right now!

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2021 event calendars on line

Let’s all hope that Covid-19 developments do allow some events to be held this year! We put our calendars on line on the forum. Links open in new window, forum is open to unregistered visitors as well so feel free to snoop around!
Click here: 2021 International Calendar ; 2021 Dutch Event Calendar

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Looking for a new sponsor for

As of April 1st, 2021 we are open to a new sponsor for our website and forum. We are thankful for the support from Partsgeek but this contract is coming to an end.

What can we offer:
Exclusive sponsorship of our website with a large size footer, exclusive forum sponsorship with a large size header (for both you can check what we currently do for Partsgeek to get an idea). Exclusive means we will only have one sponsor to give maximum attention and keep the site clean.
Further we can offer promotion of sponsor business and products on website, forum and also on our highly active Facebook group.

Over 100.000 website and forum visitors each month, over 5.300 forum members and over 7.000 Facebook group members!

This is an automotive website and forum, so a link to automotive would be a minimum requirement, a direct link to BMW or even classic BMW’s would be ideal.

Why do we need money?
For all the information on the website and the huge database of the forum we need safe and reliable webspace and hosting, at minimal downtime of course. This requires a professional package. A small list of domains to block off competition, and a few paid add-ons for a better experience. All ‘n all it isn’t a shipload at money, but in this way we can guarantee a good and free service to all users. Our total cost is approx. 500 Euros so if we could generate that amount it would be ideal!

We are more than open to inquiries and creative ideas, let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best to make that possible. Please e-mail to: . Many thanks in advance!

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Slow year!

Due to reasons very well known to all of you, it has been a slow year when it comes to classic car events. But do not despair, there is a lot of activity at the English and Dutch sections of the forum. Trip reports, project cars, engine overhauls, you name it! Check them all out on!

In the meantime you may experience some connectivity issues or see some security warnings… no worries, we are just in the process of moving all content to secure SSL locations! For the rest website and forum security are top notch so you are not running any risks here!

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Parts Geek is our new sponsor!

We are happy to announce the new main sponsor for our website and forum. Parts Geek is a US based business specializing in car parts for most makes since 2008 already! Pretty much all the brands for sale in the US are covered, which is quite similar to what we have here in Europe, with a few extra and a few French and Italian brands less.

They also stock many BMW parts including for our beloved 70’s and 80’s models. Make sure to check out their webshop at:
We are very thankful for their support!

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Event calendar & reports

The draft calendar for 2020 is ready, and most dates are set for the year already! Click here for the English International or the Dutch version.

You can also have a look at some of our past events, with loads of exclusive photography. Click here for a listing.

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2019 is halfway

After a lovely spring drive in the Netherlands…

… it was time for an impressive 10th anniversary of the International BMW Sharknose Meeting. Full report here on the forum (no registration required unless you want to participate in our discussions).

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2019 event calendar is ready!

Available now! English or Dutch version (opens relevant forum topic in a new tab).
Are you a forum member yet? Join us, participate and benefit, it’s free! Go to the forum.

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2018 BMW E21 Eifel trip (Germany)

Full report here on the forum (free access to all visitors, opens in new tab)

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2018 Spa Classic report

Here on the forum (free access to all visitors, opens in new tab)

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