Looking for a new sponsor for bmwe21.net

As of April 1st, 2021 we are open to a new sponsor for our website and forum. We are thankful for the support from Partsgeek but this contract is coming to an end.

What can we offer:
Exclusive sponsorship of our website with a large size footer, exclusive forum sponsorship with a large size header (for both you can check what we currently do for Partsgeek to get an idea). Exclusive means we will only have one sponsor to give maximum attention and keep the site clean.
Further we can offer promotion of sponsor business and products on website, forum and also on our highly active Facebook group.

Over 100.000 website and forum visitors each month, over 5.300 forum members and over 7.000 Facebook group members!

This is an automotive website and forum, so a link to automotive would be a minimum requirement, a direct link to BMW or even classic BMW’s would be ideal.

Why do we need money?
For all the information on the website and the huge database of the forum we need safe and reliable webspace and hosting, at minimal downtime of course. This requires a professional package. A small list of domains to block off competition, and a few paid add-ons for a better experience. All ‘n all it isn’t a shipload at money, but in this way we can guarantee a good and free service to all users. Our total cost is approx. 500 Euros so if we could generate that amount it would be ideal!

We are more than open to inquiries and creative ideas, let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best to make that possible. Please e-mail to: jeroen@bmwe21.net . Many thanks in advance!

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