Oil In The Front Struts?

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Oil In The Front Struts?

Post by cuthbertdavies »

I'm in the process of rebuilding my front struts with new shocks, although it might be a bit redundant since the ones I removed appear to be in new condition!

Upon removing the shocks, I noticed there was oil in the tubes. While I've encountered this in other cars before, I'm uncertain of the reason behind it. I don't think it's due to leaking shocks; rather, I suspect it serves a purpose, perhaps to help cool the shock?

Does anyone happen to know the viscosity of the oil and the recommended volume?

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Re: Oil In The Front Struts?

Post by Wilmo »

It was for the technology in the eighties, Bilstein etc nowadays advice to not use oil.

Bilstein writes this in the mounting instructions:
Remove all internal parts and oil from strut.
https://media.carparts-cat.com/webdata1 ... 116A00.PDF
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