Speedometer correction factors

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Also W=0762 EG 323i build March '82

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SAZ's says W=1.220 EG.

323i 5 speed normal box built in 1981.

So how come SAZ's has got a one in front and not a zero? What the hell does that mean?

I must check that 320/6 on my driveway too...
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Here is the 320/6 speedometer markings.

W=1.300 EG.

What the hell do all these different numbers mean anyway?

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Post by Jeroen »

Strange indeed! Maybe the 0 has something to do with kms and the 1 with mls?
Regards/groeten, Jeroen

Post by dazed »

seeing as I am in the car here is mine....

w=1.300 eg

320/6 1981 uk
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Post by varden »

W-0762 EG, on both cars.

Model 323i

Built 1982, aus new.

5 speed econo boxes.

One has 3.5 final drive and i suspect the other does too.
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Gooooood post!

Thank you! :wink:
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Post by dilmah_323i »

my Australian cars;
my old 323i built 1981 with 5 speed eco 220kmph (top speed)
no markings on front but sticker on back says w=0.762


my new 323i built 1980 with 5 speed eco 200kmph (top speed)
is marked as w=0.854 eg
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82 323i saphir blau metalic, bilsteins, 2.7 w/ alpina cam (gone, sniff)
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Post by Jeroen »

Well thanks for your info and great pics... and the first time I see a 0.854 speedo!
Regards/groeten, Jeroen
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Post by quaddawg »

Here is an interesting one.

No markings at all, not on the front, and not on the back, OR inside.

This speedo was jerky, and making all sorts of noise, like a bad bearing... the car had sat for a long time, over 4 years, before I got it.

I greased the cable, thinking that was the problem, but it didn't help.

I found this post earlier this week, so when I took it apart to fix the speedo (just needed disassembly and lubrication) I looked for the correction factor.

No factor, anywhere.

I am not sure what this speedo is out of, as it is NOT the stock speedo for this car, this speedo was installed when the car was imported, back in 1985, into the US. The mileage was matched with the old speedo when installed. This was done by a company to "Federalize" the car for US regulations.

The speedo is not the stock one, and it is not a 1982 US spec 320i speedo either... not sure WHAT it is, but it isn't marked.

It's also not correct, according to my GPS, it is about 5 miles an hour off, go 50 and you are really going 45, go 80 and you are going about 74, 100 is about 93.5 (smile)

The odometer is off too, but not as badly, it is .1 mile off, every 7.5 miles, or one mile at 75 miles, in other words, go 75 miles and it is reall y 76 miles.... Strange that the Odometer would be incorrect in the OTHER way. Speedo registers TOO FAST, Odo registers TOO SLOW?


1982 318i Euro, sold in France, imported in 1985 (built in Sept. 1982)

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Post by superj »

82 320i with 5 speed and open diff


this could be great tattoo
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Post by ac/dennis »

I have the same thing with my speedo, I never know how fast i drive.
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Post by e21bimmer »

W = 1,393 EG

1983 316
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Post by 3771489 »

Muke wrote:0,911 = 4,10-differential (315)
0,911 = 4,11-differential (316-1,6, 318)
0,866 = 3,91-differential (316-1,8, 318i, 320/4, 320i-1,8i)
0,808 = 3,64-differential (320i-2,0, 320/6)
0,762 = 3,45-differential (323i)
..and with Mile scale:

number: range: model: diff:
1,465 0-120 315,316,318,318A 4,10 or 4,11
1,393 0-120 320(A)/4,316(A)1.8,318i(A),320(A)1.8i 3,91
1,300 0-140 320i(A(US)),320(A)/6 3,64
1,220 0-140 323i 3,45
1,360 0-140 320i(1.8i)US 3,91
1,266 0-140 320iA(1.8i(US)) 3,64

Btw 0,854 is from 520/4 or 520A/4 :roll:
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Post by jagclarke »

W - 1393 EG

1983 316 5 speed (eco? ) 3.91 diff ?
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