Rules for the use of the For Sale & Wanted sections

Both cars & parts. Direct links: Directory of E21 parts suppliers ; Rate the Seller!
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Rules for the use of the For Sale & Wanted sections

Post by Jeroen »'s For Sale & Wanted sections off course are THE place to sell or buy your E21 stuff :wink: , both cars & parts.

A few simple rules:
- E21 cars & parts only (anything else including other models in the Off Topic section)
- supply as much as possible info on the goods on offer/wanted, include condition, location, willing to ship or not, build date, model type, suits which models, options, colors, the works. Don't be lazy, ads with "PM me for details" will be removed and so will posts that are only to promote an auction on eBay or the likes
- (asking) price
- people want to have a visual, adding photos helps getting your stuff sold!

No discussions on pricing. If you find goods too expensive, then don't buy. If you believe the price is unrealistic you can always contact the seller by PM.
If you find someone is really out of line, send me a PM!

Topic bumping:
Very easy with a button at the bottom of your ad page (see image below)
Only available if you are the topic starter and after 7 days
Please do not bump topics with a reply of some kind, that behavior may lead to deletion.

Finally, please update the thread if the goods are sold or found. Thanks for your co operation.

Regards/groeten, Jeroen

Also see our E21 Facebook Group!
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