X Box took over my home wifi

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X Box took over my home wifi

Post by TopCat »

Just had a frankly pretty terrifying experience

My children were (as usual) playing on their X Box- various Zombie vs plants or COD- when someone whom my youngest had sent a message via the wifi hook up took exception to my child's x box name.

He threatened my son that he would delete the code that allows the wifi box to communicate upwards

well then all wifi stopped

In fact we discovered he had zapped the ADSL box- presumably overcame it with spam.

It took me a while to work out what was wrong- (it also affacted the home telephone)

Anyway I have long been concerned that my (fairly ) innocent 14 and 16 year olds are communicating with some geeky freak in his 50's living with his mother and hot on IT from his bedroom. We have now banned the wifi hook up

But what else could this geek have done? Should I insist that Sure change the IP address or passwords?
I REALLY do not want smart anything in my home- these fridges and heating units will all be susceptible to hacking

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Re: X Box took over my home wifi

Post by Jeroen »

Not really an expert on this but scary stuff, I always have an expert install and secure things at my place. One thing though: factory security measures and WPA passwords are not safe enough!
Regards/groeten, Jeroen
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