e21 Values, Are they Really Going Up That Fast?

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e21 Values, Are they Really Going Up That Fast?

Post by e21Keith »

I was casually reading this month's edition of Practical Classics magazine (I keep a copy in a very small room at home and read it when I have nothing else to do), they regularly comment on what's happening in the marked and which model is increasing in value the most. They report that e21 sale prices have increased by 70% over the last 12 months, the thing is that I'm sure they reported a similar increase about 12 months ago!

Are e21's really selling for so much more than they did a year ago? I'm just re-negotiating my insurance policy that covers all my cars and I think I need to substantial re-valuation because I have my e21, e30 and e39 M5 all on the same policy!

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Re: Valori e21, stanno davvero salendo così velocemente?

Post by nic65 »

in Italy only the 323 has good value
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Re: e21 Values, Are they Really Going Up That Fast?

Post by Jeroen »

70% sounds pretty steep, but on the other hand values in the UK have been really low. That may be caused by lack of international demand (because RHD) but still, the values I've seen in the past may have some catching up to do.

If I look at the values on the continent I feel the developments have been a bit like this: steep value and sales increases after the latest economic crisis, but by late 2019 values took a dive that lasted until mid 2020, pretty sure Covid had its influence as well. Even though travel restrictions have made the market less international, you see that values are increasing again and are now above the levels we saw in 2018-2019.

Over here we hear that sales in many businesses are way up as people could not spend their money on restaurants or travel, so there's quite a bit of excess money everywhere while investment options are very limited and intrest is at an all time low. So apart from art and classic cars, there aren't many investments that generate a decent yield.

However, that only goes for items that are worth to be considered investment goods. In E21 terms that means well above average condition examples of the 6 cylinder models while there remains a huge gap between the 320/6 and the top of the range 323i. The 4 cylinder models only show real values when in immaculate condition. This does give people the impressive that the average knackered 316 is seeing a huge value increase as well but that in fact is nonsense. Bottom line, a very good condition 323i is becoming harder and harder to find and these are the ones that see the biggest increases, and of course the specials like from Alpina.

Hard to say how all of this affects the values of UK 323i's but I do hope this helps you get a better picture. Since the same is happening for top of the range E30's as well as the E39 M5, you may very well have to revaluate your collection indeed.
Regards/groeten, Jeroen
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