Buying E12 HELP - UK

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Buying E12 HELP - UK

Post by Rav_77 »

Hi all,

hope someone is able to guide me through this but I really want to buy a E12, E28 or E21.

last year I came across a E12 which has been off the road for nearly 20 years by the previous owner. The owner left the car uncovered and the following parts are stupidly rusty:

- Chassis arms on the front

- Floor

- Rear valance

- (I’ve not even had a chance to look at the subframe)

we did turn the engine by hand but didn’t want to start it as the fuel was old etc.

the owner went on about the car being a one off from bmw as it was tapered and apparently the car was also in magazine (not sure if this was his selling tactics)

I really want to put the car back on the road but I want to know if it’s worth saving, the owner was asking for 1k for it. I’m only 23 and I don’t have the brightest knowledge of welding or working on cars. I want to know if it’s even worth saving the car in the condition it’s in. Are parts even available such as the floor pan the rear valance etc? would it be easier to find another chassis?

many thanks.

Apologies wasn’t able to get a lot of images/vids of the car.
images are on here, Im not too sure how to add them on to this thread. ... 2-help-uk/

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Re: Buying E12 HELP - UK

Post by nic65 »

I did not understand if you are Italian or not ...

to me it looks like a 5 series with a lot of rust and a cracked dashboard, it seems to me that it needs a lot of work .. if you are not able to do many things by yourself it will be a big expense to restore it
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Re: Buying E12 HELP - UK

Post by BertjeConti »

I"m driving and maintaining my E12 for 20 years now, so i know a little about these first fives.

What the pictures show me is a real rustbucket with not that many usable parts, even as a donor car it seems useless.

Bare in mind, most of the rust on these cars is hidden under carpets, dashboard, window seals, wheelarches and rear seat.

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Re: Buying E12 HELP - UK

Post by Jeroen »

I would not make this my project unless you have all the time, E12 sheet metal and welding skills in the world. Definitely a lot better examples around that seem more economically viable.
Regards/groeten, Jeroen
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