e21 315 no spark

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e21 315 no spark

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Hello fellow BMW enthusiasts and greetings from Eastern Europe. I have a problem with bmw e21 315, 83. Long story short, I bought the car couple of months ago, it had been disassembled for bodywork few years ago and the engine was in the trunk. After completing the bodywork and doing the needed maintenance on the engine I installed it with the wiring. The engine now turns with ignition key. My issue is that I have absoloutely no spark, nothing comes out from the coil. The coil is in working order (we tested it another battery and also the resistance is ok). Thing I suspect as the problem is the ignition control module (bosch 0 227 100 111). It had the module, but some previous owner who disassembled it had lost the wiring harness to it. So basically I got some wiring and the plug from another car. I have the original bosch part and also some cheap knockoff, both should be in working order. My question is have I connected things correctly:

I did include a picture here:


1) Black wire (coil -?)
2) Ground (to the battery - pole, I suppose?)
3) Thin green wire, (goes to the coil +? and to the battery +?)
4) Fat green (Im 100% sure that it goes to the distributor connector).

As far as the electric schemes I could find I think ive connected things correctly. The coil also gets +12v, when I measured. Another question, if anyone knows, wires that should go to the coil (+side from the engine control module, - side black wire from the engine control module as I described before). Is there anything else that should connect to the coil that Im maybe missing?

Im really sorry about my crappy english, specially on cars, it isnt my first language. Anyway, I hope someone understands what I mean and can help me out, I would be really grateful.

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Re: e21 315 no spark

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PM me your email, I'll send you the Bosch schematic
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