Finding Part Numbers for 1980 320i Fuel Line parts

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Finding Part Numbers for 1980 320i Fuel Line parts

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I am new to the e21 world (long time 2002 owner) and I am trying to find all the fuel line parts/part numbers for a 1980 e21 320i 5 speed. My usual go to place is but when I go to any of the fuel system related diagrams, I get a 'No matching parts found' response (e.g. ... Id=16_0005).

I am trying to find a place where the parts are shown along with the part numbers.

Honest, honest, honest - I have done multiple searches through the forum, I went to the Fuel System pinned thread, but I cannot find a diagram, with part names, and part numbers for the :
* Hoses from the tank to the fuel pump
* Fuel filter part number (as I am assuming that is the device next to the fuel filter?)
* Is it called a fuel collector?
* Hoses to connect all these parts

I did find several part numbers here but no diagram or a complete list of parts here - viewtopic.php?t=18255

And, I have looked all over the place to try to figure out if the tank can be drained without having to remove it.

I have installed a new fuel pump but I want to make sure everything else is healthy before trying to fire the car up.

I appreciate your help. I may sounds like I don't know what I am doing, but the good news is, I really don't! :-)

Thank you.

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Re: Finding Part Numbers for 1980 320i Fuel Line parts

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Congrats on your 320i, we'd love to see a few pics, but all in good time.
If you want to drain the tank you can disconnect the hose between the two tank halfs, or insert a hose with an external generic pump on top of the passenger side half. I'd recommend not to use your new pump for that, you never know how much rust and sand is present in the tank. Also check the tanks for rusted seams there the upper and lower halfs were welded together.

I see a parts list in the topic:
Parts list
Tank sender/pick up rubber O-ring 16111744369
Hose between filler and tank 16121176793
Connecting hose between tank halfs 16121176795 **
Breather hose to breather tank 134cm 14mm 16121177553
Breather hose left side tank 1 meter 12mm 16121176440 *
Y-connector breather hoses 16121115537
Hose pick up to fuel pump 1 meter 12mm 16121176440*
Fuel hose 8mm 1 meter 16121180409

* 16121176440 used on different places, a total of 2 meters is sufficient.
** only applicable for models produced after Aug 77, earlier models have one combined fuel tank

Hose between breather tank and blue overflow hose 6mm 13311272750
for the regular fuel hoses (6-8-12 mm) you can also use generic hoses from your local parts store
fuel filter 13 32 1 270 039 (right next to the fuel collector)

I use most of the time, works a little bit better imho. ... el_supply/
Regards/groeten, Jeroen
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Re: Finding Part Numbers for 1980 320i Fuel Line parts

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And be sure go use hose that can handle biobased fuels. The added ethanolcrap will eat your regular petrolhoses.
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