E21 Touring

In November 1976 BMW Dealership Faigel in Saulgau/Wurttemberg (Germany) introduces a self-made touring version of the E21. It is inspired by the 02 tourings and also shows resemblance with the contemporary Audi Avant.

Thanks to Ralf Ziegler, E21 specialist of the 3er Club Deutschland, I now know that Faigel only built three. It seems one car was wrecked. The second car (the dark car on the photo below) was sold privately in 1988 for abt €/$ 4.500 and rumour has it it is no longer among us as well. The third car, the bright one displayed below, is still owned by the Faigel family and was fully restored in 1991.

Photo courtesy of www.3er-club.de