Schnitzer 323i turbo

Schnitzer used their experience gathered with their racing champion the 1978 E21 320 turbo using a 1426cc M10 engine developing 400 BHP.

They took a stock 323i M20 engine, lowered compression and fitted a KKK turbo unit set at 0.55 Bar combined with a huge intercooler. The combination of a waste gate and bypass valve helped reduce turbo lag and nervous engine response. Modifications included the intake manifold, the cylinder head and the K-Jet fuel distributor.

The important figures: max power 200 BHP @ 5.000 RPM, 272 NM @ 4.500 RPM.

Top speed 225 KMH, acceleration 0-100 KMH 6.7 sec.

Further modifications to the chassis, suspension and driveline (compared to stock 323i):

  • 25% LSD with 3.45 ratio
  • diff cover with big fins for extra cooling capacity and 2 mounts (quite like Alpina)
  • uprated suspension with progressive springs and Bilstein gas pressure shocks
  • power steering
  • 93 litre long range fuel tank
  • 6+7Jx15”  BBS alloys with 195/50 and 205/50 tyres
  • turbo pressure gauge
  • 240 KMH odometer
  • sports seats
  • modified stainless exhaust system
  • deep front spoiler (resembling the BMW Motorsport front spoiler)
  • trunklid spoiler
  • decent front and rear badging
  • optional: Schnitzer striping all around.

Here’s a few pages from the original brochure with mods explained and tech specs. On the last photo you see Herbert Schnitzer together with his star driver in the Group 5 320 turbo: Hans Joachim Stuck.

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