Alpina parts

Availability of new Alpina parts has become very limited, but since there are enough used parts around it’s good to have an overview of available Alpina parts and their parts numbers. So here we go! Oh, please note, I’m not supplying any Alpina parts.

The original E21 Alpina alloy wheels (see above):

Available in 13″: 6×13 (front-3611109) and 6.5×13 (rear-3611104)

and in 15″: originally 6×15 (front) and 7×15 (rear-3611108). Most common are 7×15’s, but with good shocks and a not too lowered car that should not pose a problem at the front

Available separately: set of black centre caps, chrome wheel bolts and tyre valves (3613107)

Alpina suspension kit FD3: 6×15 and 7×15 alloys, rear sway bar, rear subframe bushings, Eibach lowering springs, Bilstein B8 Sprint shocks, rear 4-way adjustable (323i-3100112)

Adjustable rear sway bar (315-323i: 3355106)

Uprated rear subframe bushings (315-323i: 3330102)

Additional fuel tank, makes a total tank capacity of 95 litres (315-323i: 1610126)

Deep front spoiler – version until 09/79 (315-323i: 4100134)

Deep front spoiler – version 09/79- on (315-323i: 4100138)


Leather Alpina-MoMo steering wheel, 4-spoke, diameter 380mm (3233010)

Wooden gear lever with Alpina emblem (2310001)



1981 parts prices (in Deutschmark):


1995 parts prices (in Deutschmark):